Ali Abdaal - The Keys to Joyful Work and Being Batman (or Professor X)

Ali Abdaal is a doctor turned YouTuber soon-to-be turned bestseller author of the brand new book "Feel Good Productivity". He's also become a friend over this year and I was thrilled to learn more about his journey to becoming the world's most-followed productivity expert...

In this podcast, Nick and Ali discuss topics such as:
  • The Journey to Creating a YouTube Channel
  • Early roots and development
  • The Prodigy Effect
  • Ali’s Hidden Gem Video
  • Meat Per Minute
  • The Batman Effect
  • A book that Ali loves but hasn’t talked about
  • The evolution of Ali’s notes
  • Ali’s relationship with Obsidian
  • Schedule your breaks
  • Burnout
  • The Reitoff Principle
  • Ali’s Early Foundational Influences
  • The Permission List
  • Creating The Podcast
  • Young Ali Under The Microscope
  • Commander’s Intent
  • Positive Lessons From Mom and Grandma
  • A Challenge For The Audience

You can pre-order Ali Abdaal's new book, ‘Feel Good Productivity’, here:

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Ali Abdaal - The Keys to Joyful Work and Being Batman (or Professor X)
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